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Top 10 Job Skills worth Six-Figure Salaries [Updated-2019]

Learn How You Can Earn Six-Figures Salaries With These Job Skills

Do you have any resolution to achieve your dream job in 2020? Or are you struggling a lot for favorite job? you mention hard skills and knowledge but still not crack the test and miss the job opportunity. The reason behind is you miss employability skills. It is different from general job skills which you are a highlight on your resume. But the actual fact is current industry are expecting the best job skills which give you high paying jobs in 2020 according to the World Economic Forum(WEF).

Job Skills

Still, it is not cleared! So you are thinking about what should you do to get a six-figure salaried job? Wait ! to make sure be aware that every year a huge number of students are graduate from college. If you are also a fresher just apply a strategy so you will be extraordinary not like the general candidate. The main essential key for Top 10 job skills worth six-figure salaries are ‘Abilities’, ‘specific industry knowledge’, ‘best core job skills’ make you more proficiency and effective at work.

Hope it’s quite cleared that you need to show your extra quality and require essential job skills competencies in the company’s recruitment time so it will help to impress the recruiters and grab your dream offer letter.

Experienced people also suffer a lot even though they have industry work knowledge still they unable to crack the interview. Because every day latest technologies are upgrading and industry are expecting from you particular core efficiency and best job skills on new technology. If you highlight correct professional skills, knowledge on virtual reality, artificial intelligence and projects list in your resume then you will consider most important candidates in the interview. Definitely, you are thinking about what Principle should use worth six figures salaries Jobs?

Best Job Skills + Strategy = High paying salary jobs with development opportunity.

What is the current industry key points in terms of best Job skills?

1. Digital revolution is rapidly changing the nature of jobs and the job skills need to remain valuable assets to our employers.

2. Executives in traditional industries are keen on harnessing technology to stay ahead of their competitors.

3. 80% saw an increase in the proportion of digitally skilled hires made

4. Tech skills are more important than ever, as digital achievements have radically transformed the working world.

5. The world largest professional social network, LinkedIn analyzed recruiting and hiring activity on its platform between Jan. 1 and Sept. 1.

Is it the next question coming in your mind?

What are the main Job skills you should have desired by most recruiters?Top 10 Best Job Skills desired by recruiters in 2020

1. Communication:

Communication is the most important Job skills. It belongs to the part of the soft skill. From Phone calls to the conversation, presentation to blogs, and text to tweets communication has the medium to send the messages. And those messages surround us. In terms of voice, expression, mailbox, in conversation with coworkers everywhere communication share with our thoughts and exchange ideas.
In industry, you need to communicate with clients and customers and delivers valuable messages which drive a business action by customers. A

Ability to speak and write well and listening effectively is your key to success.

2. Teamwork:

Teamwork is the term of Joining the efforts of bringing member in business or project together to achieve the main goal. Their focus should increase productivity and performance.

a> Teamwork create a smoother and looser structure. Create strong bonds between the members.

b> Teamwork encourage flexibility.

c> Teamwork enhances problem-solving.

3.  Negotiation and Persuasion:

Negotiation helps more about how to grab the success and what you are looking for to achieve the goal. It is very important job skills to understand whether the other person coming from to understand what we need and feel positive about it.

4.  Problem-solving:

Here are the essential best job skills to show your positive ability and take a logical decision and analyze the process to resolve the problem.

5. Leadership:

Company’s expecting lead quality in your job skills. You have to inspire and motivate to another team member on the project and show your ability to complete the work before the deadline over.

6. Organization:

An organization is the term where you can show the priority work and which work manage efficiently in terms of productivity, maintain the relationship with client or customers in respect of organization value by the complete project on time.

7. Motivation:

In teamwork, our team leader always motivates to work harder and take challenge and show to the company that you complete the challenging task and achieve the final goal.

8. Work Under Pressure:

Recruiters are expecting these job skills while you work under a project. How comfortable and calm without any stressed to complete the work that is the accomplishment.

9. Confidence:

These skills show positive value about the company you work and the teammates with whom you are working. To maintain the professional balance with confident without argument and arrogant.

10. Technology skills:

To develop advanced skills in technology help in high paying salary jobs. Do a professional learning course which you like more in programming knowledge, Web design, Amazon web service, Cloud Architect, Big Data certification etc make a list of most use technology and improve the technical skills.

Now you understood if you have this career skills then you are in the right track.
You already know the top 10 job skills list. Now I will tell you top 10 jobs worth six figures salary.

Top 10 Jobs with skill worth six figures salary:

Are you fresher or Experienced? No matter if you have the skills and knowledge on this industry or if you complete any certification course related to this industry then this list is for you.

1. Software Development or Java Development:

Currently and in future huge demand on this stream if have good coding knowledge in Java or else if you have completed Oracle Java certification course then you’re in high demand. Developers work on the code for games, software, and mobile application and internet programs.


If you hold any bachelor degree in computer science or completed certification course from reputed organization through online then this jobs pay per year more than a six-figure salary.

Salary: $70000 per year.

2. Data security analyst:

1. Knowledge of operating system and network.
2. Analytical and problem-solving skills.
3. Risk management factor

Salary: $90000 per year

3. Project Manager:

Responsibility for managing a project with skills of problem-solving, leadership, Good communication and negotiation. Responsibility on task sequencing, risk estimation, monitoring progress etc.

Salary: $85000 per year

4. Data warehouse Architect:

1. Knowledge of ETL, Data Modelling, analysis etc.

2. Requirement gathering

3. Planning

4. Designing

5. In-depth system & application development knowledge

Salary: $85000 per year

5. Senior Cloud architect:


1. Enterprising computing

2. Planning and organization

3. strategy and business sense


1. Developing a cloud strategy and coordinating the adaption process

2. Selecting cloud providers and vetting third-party services.

3. Monitor privacy and develop incident response procedure.

Salary: $128000 per year

6. Network Information security:

Big and small companies need people who can investigate and protect information stored on their computer networks. Jobs available in security IT consultant, security architect

Salary: $90000

7. User Interface Design:

User interface style is all concerning creating an associate degree application or program usable for purchasers.

Products area unit more and more data-driven, which suggests that employers would like those who will build it simple for purchasers to move with their merchandise.
User interface style has become a lot of vital ability over the past few years.

Salary: $80000 per year

8. Amazon Web Service Certified Solution Architect

1. Define migration strategy to move the application to the cloud

2. Develop architecture blueprints and detailed documentation

3. Design the overall virtual private cloud VPC environment including server instance, storage instances, subnets.

4. Design the HA / DR strategies.

5. Set up the process, services, and tools around the cloud.

Salary: $150000 per year

9. Mobile Development:

I-Phone and Android software and apps don’t magically appear. Mobile developers are making an application which is more user-friendly by using android coding knowledge. Mobile developer is high demand jobs in the world.

Salary: $74,412 per year

10. Cloud and distributed computing:

According to LinkedIn managing, organizing and distributing hosted services over the cloud is this year’s most sought after skill. So many top reputed companies like Microsoft, Amazon are hiring for this position.

Benefits of cloud computing:

1. Security

2. scale and cost

3. Encapsulated change management

4. Reliability

Benefits of Distributed computing:

1. Serve the best performance ratio by adding microprocessors is more economic than mainframes.


It is concluded that by 2020 huge jobs will be available. “Demand is high but supply is less”. So utilize your soft skills and do practice on your technical knowledge and apply for jobs. So definitely can crack any job interview and fulfill your dream with high paying more than six-figure salary job.

If you’re looking to become better at your current job or expand your professional horizons, just add some technical skills, along with reading books or join any online training certification course to upgrade best job skills and achieve your success list of New Year's resolution.

If I miss any information please let me know through comments.

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Some Information about Quora

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Now you can start writing the blog post.

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Your post including about your company products and services, Quora blog for your brand.
You can create unlimited free Blogs on Quora website.

You can maintain the company’s blogs through category wise. You can post your blog either public or private click on the top gear icon you can change the settings.

You can promote your blog to quora community where you will get good followers.

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Final Thoughts:

Quora blogs are the future digital platform where mainly focus on marketing and promotion for Products and services. Your blog will be the social media Buzz for a week.