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15 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO [2019 updated]

How to find the best Keywords for your website to rank in Google?

You know the Hummingbird algorithm which helps to find out the keyword stuffing and low-quality content. So it is very difficult to rank any competitive keywords in the search result.

And Google updates every day they changing their algorithm and it will impact our rank factor.
Are you struggle to do the best SEO but not getting rank in Google because you are missing something.

Yes, you’re thinking right.

It is called Keyword Research. This is everything about On Page SEO. 60% On-Page SEO will be done if you have fresh content with proper keyword research.

First, you need to decide What is your niche that means you select the topics.
Now you collect the topics under your niche which is best for the business.
Ex- My niche is Digital Marketing under that SEO, Keywords tool all are topics.
If you finalize the topics now this is the time to find the best keywords by doing exact research for your website you need to rank in search results.

Before explaining about the keyword research process will remind you that when the search engine crawls your page it will give the Page rank and this will help when user type any keywords it will serve the best result.

Now we go step by step how to do keyword research?

1. Longtail Keyword

The keywords or phrase which contain more than 3-4 words is called Long tail keywords.

Ex- “upcoming Bollywood movies in January 2019”
If your keyword is very competitive then it is always recommended to go for long tail keywords. Because of Keyword difficulty, it is very important to go for low difficulty keywords.

2. Google suggest or Google instant

Every blogger is used to before writing any content basic work to collect the keywords what Google suggests, need to use in the content which will improve the rank factor.

3.  Google Related Search Keywords:

 After type the keywords in Google search page and hit on Enter and scroll down you will find Google related search phrases.
Process: Take an excel sheet and filter out all the phrases which are related to your topic and now you can write the content.

4. Brand keywords

While you write the content for any brand product should use the brand word with long tail keywords.

5. Use LSI Keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)  helps to understand the main topic of your article. It is commonly found together within a single topic.
It is the free SEO keyword research tool. Visit the LSI website and find keyword tips.

6. Google Trends:

 It is developed by Google and if you find the best keywords for your blog then Google trends will show the real-time top search queries result showing region wise.
You can compare among the keywords also it will give the idea which will give the best result and people are searching more.

Next question which is coming very frequently how to find the best keywords for AdWords or PPC?
We create a campaign and in the ad group, we put all the keywords where our add will appear. But sometimes ads appear to the irrelevant phrases which impact on our budget. The most popular free keywords generator tool is Keyword Planner.

7. Keyword Planner

Most of the professional SEO and blogger use this tool. It will generate the ideas

You can find this tool in AdWords just you need to login by your Gmail account and you can access new keyword ideas and it will suggest through forecast also which phrases will have more volume, CPC as per your need do research on this tool.


One of the most powerful SEO keyword research tool. It will generate long tail keywords and guide you exact way. 

You can choose relevant and low competition keywords.
This tool has a pro version also if you want you can subscribe from their website.

9. Keywords Everywhere

Whenever you type any keywords in search page right side it will give the ideas related keywords with volume and CPC and competition data.

Keywords Everywhere is a free tool used in your system it will give search volume wherever you go.


This keyword generator tool is little different and very easy to access.


It will show the report means keywords which are already ranked by your competitor. The working principle also unique for free access up to 10 keywords you need to register and through organic search and paid search live report will show.

11. MOZ Keyword Explorer

Best SEO tools will generate the ideas which give you maximum traffic.

But it is not a free SEO tool but give you 30 days free trial after register their website.

12. Ubersuggest

Free tools you get access to volume, CPC, competition means keyword difficulty altogether get ideas from these SEO tools.

13. KWFinder

It’s a free SEO tool will get ideas of long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. Also, show the real-time SERP top websites already rank for your particular keywords.

14. Soovle

This tools will help to give suggestive keywords from all another source like Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. In this tool, the relevant keywords can be saved as per suggestion and you can download all the keywords in notepad it will open.
It is my favorite free keyword research tool.

15. AHREfS

The very famous keyword research tool is Ahrefs and it will give you a difficulty score and exact search volume from more than 100 countries. But It is a paid tool.


 Now you have the ideas of the Best 15 free keyword research tool for SEO, Business, and websites.

 If I missed any free keyword tool, comment below right now

Or if you have any question-related Digital Marketing comment below.

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#1. QUIZ:

For Best SEO is it better to go for Paid Keyword research tool? If your answer is yes then give the reason with the features and benefits of that.

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Top 7 Digital Marketing Books Must Read [Updated version 2019]

Books always give some extra influence to every reader. It is the best content reader loves more. As internet usage is increasing people prefer E-books more.
On Google, books search engine free ebooks are available. Everywhere Digital Marketing strategy applied.

The below list of High rated Books will help to grow your Business. You should read.

If you are Digi Marketer then must read those books. It is really amazing by great authors how marketing strategy works and apply to grow your business.
I have prepared a list of 7 books and these books are available in online any e-commerce site.
Every Digital Marketer must read:

1. The fusion marketing bible-

Image result for The fusion marketing bible images

Author- Lon Safko

And He explained with the help of traditional marketing mix with social media marketing and Digital Marketing can reach the maximum customer. 
One of the best interesting books in Digital Marketing. Know more

2. Global Content Marketing-

Author- Pam Didner

Content is the king of the market. In Digital network people are hungry for the best content. Through content, the visitor can come to your website and completed the activity which accomplished the conversion for your business.
Amazing thought about content marketing strategy. Just view the review.

3. Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses

Image result for Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses images

Author- Joe Pulizzi

Best content writing strategy and how simple and the cost-effective way you can grow your business explained by this author. If you are a blogger and want to know more about how to write the best content 

visit here

4. All Marketers Are Liars:

Image result for All Marketers Are Liars images

Author- Seth Godin

One of the greatest legends for the business writer and the Book "All Marketers Are Liars" is the best inspirational book. Follow his youtube channel really awesome knowledge he shared.

5. The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand

Image result for The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand images

Author- Ekaterina walter & Jessica Gioglio

This book explained the exact technical way to bring customer and apply to your marketing and advertising strategy to draw the attention to the right audience.

6.  Convert!: Designing Websites For Traffic and Conversions

Image result for Convert!: Designing Websites For Traffic and Conversions images

Author- Ben Hunt

How to change the visitor direction from browse to buy products from that website and how to increase the traffic in the proper way explained efficient way.

Available in Online 

7.  The Zen of Social Media Marketing:

Image result for the zen of social media marketing images

Author- Shama Kabani

 How to use technology social media apply to your business and interact the right customer at right time explained by this high rating book.

Rating- 4.4/5

Read more

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